Delicious how to eat cherimoya

In delicious of the cherimoya, the ripening is definite factor.
Please eat it well.

Cherimoya is an ice cream of the forest.


The softness which can be scooped with the spoon is good for eating. migisankaku.gif (915 ???)

Please do not eat hard fruits !

  Please eat when becoming soft  after ripening like to the palm of the hand.

How of ripening   ***********************************************************************

Hard fruits must wrap with paper and encourage ripening in the room of the suitable temperature by 1 piece.

The suitable temperature of the ripening is 20-25 degree centigrade. Never put it in the refrigerator until becoming soft.It becomes 8 degree centigrade or less, and the chilling injury is caused and it becomes an impossible ripening if it cools it. Moreover, the temperature of 30 degree centigrade or more is not suitable either.

Necessary days for the ripening change depending on the temperature.Between the number of days in case of 20-25 degree centigrade.One week or about ten days are required at 15-20 degree centigrade. Please promote ripening in a warm place when the temperature falls more than it.

How to eat    **********************************************************************

It can be more delicious when eating after it cools it with the refrigerator if becoming soft after the ripening.
(Even if fruits which were on softness are preserved in the refrigerator, the relish time limit will be made in 2-3 days. Please eat ahead of time.)

It is the most delicious in length if eating with the spoon without making to remunerative the a half or dividing four with the knife, and peeling off the skin.

Only the flesh is taken out, and as for the milk shake and shahpet, it is special again.

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