Growing stage of flower and fruits  


Flower bud appears with the sprout.

hidarisankaku.gif (913 ???) April:Flower bud appears with the sprout.

May:Flower bud grows up every day, and flowering will be faced soon.migisankaku.gif (915 ???)


Flower bud which grows up every day
female stage

hidarisankaku.gif (913 ???)May-June:Flowering one after another (female stage)

May-June:The petal is expanded in the evening, it flowers, and pollen is discharged (male stage). migisankaku.gif (915 ???)


male stage
Flower which ends flowering

hidarisankaku.gif (913 ???)Flower which ends short flowering at a night.The petal is lost energies and will fall soon.

The fertilized flower loses the petal and the growth of fruits starts.migisankaku.gif (915 ???)

Young fruit which started growth
Young fruit after two weeks of pollination

hidarisankaku.gif (913 ???)Young fruit after two weeks of pollination.
It remarkably grows during June . However, growth stagnates temporarily in the piling summer which exceeds 30 degrees in centigrade.

Dilation curve of cherimoya fruits

After it pollinates, fruits rapidly grow for 50 days.Afterwards, growth stagnates for 50 days when the temperature is high. When the temperature cools, it actively grows again.

And, fruits are mature on 150 days or 200 days after pollinates.



October-December:Fruits which faced the mature stagemigisankaku.gif (915 ???)

Fruits are fallen fruits from the tree when maturing enough even if it is hard.


Fruits which faced the mature stage

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