Cherimoya production ground in the world

 As for the cherimoya which was born in the andes, a mariners in Spain spread to various places in the world once.

 It is grown in California in North America including highland in Central and South America such as Peru on the primeval ground and Ecuador, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, and the culture has extended to the northern part of Australia and New Zealand now.

 The Andalusia area in Spain which faced the Mediterranean in especially Iberian south end is famous as the world-biggest cherimoya production ground.

Cherimoya which lines up in shop in supermarket

hidarisankaku.gif (913 ???)Chierimoya queues up in the foremost row of the counter in the supermarket in capital QUITO city in country of origin Ecuador.

 The cherimoya which bes born in Inca's earth is brought up large in country Spain of the enchantment that light crosses with the shadow as it is brought up by the sun in the Mediterranean now.And, it is a fruit indispensable for people in this country.

 I visited a national La Mayora experiment station which broke out in the production ground in Andalusia and malaga city in October, 1,993.To confirm the world-biggest cherimoya production ground

 The production ground is centered on the Jete valley in the green river balley which entered the northwest from Costa del Sol where it faced the Mediterranean, and stretches to the foot from the plains part to the Sierra Nevada mountain range.The culture area reaches about 3,300ha. It is an area which equals Arita satsuma mandarin production ground in Wakayama just.

 This experiment station collected the cherimoya about 250 cultivar of every country in the world, examined the cultivar characteristic and the culture, aimed at export, and examined insecticidal of the Mediterranean fruit fly.

Chierimoya orchard of Jete





Chierimoya orchard of Jete in Andalusiauesankaku.gif (911 ???)

Cherimoya production ground of Andalusia






uesankaku.gif (911 ???)Cherimoya production ground of Andalusia

It was surprised by the low price though it had dealings over a large amount of cherimoya in a central market in capital Madrid in Spain.The cherimoya can have been sold even in the fruit shop, the supermarket in the city, and the greengrocer shop in suburbs.

Chierimoya shop in wholesale market [Merca Madrid] in Madrid suburbsmigisankaku.gif (915 ???)

Chierimoya shop in wholesale market [Merca Mdrid]

 The big one to exceed 700g rind and all puts on the plate if the cherimoya is ordered to the dessert of the lunch in the restaurant in a town near the production ground and it is offered.It is exactly an ice cream of the forest when making to a half crack and eating with the spoon. I was full by one cherimoya.

  If the cherimoya of the home is tasted because the foot is extended to the Andalusia area in south Spain if there is a chance of the Europe travel, the desire going out of travel is enriched.

Product of cherimoya in packing house

  hidarisankaku.gif (913 ???)Product of packing in a case of cherimoya in packing house of Herco Fruit union of TARAMAY brand

  As for the cherimoya of California, it is introduced by Mexico in 1,871, and about 80ha is grown to Santa Bar bara now.It is exported from November to May to Japan.

  Moreover, export started from Peru in the country of origin to Japan last November.

  It was deserted for a long time though the cherimoya was introduced into Japan once because it had hardly brought it forth.The subtropics plant laboratory of Kyoto University (Ooshima,Kushimoto-cho,Wakayama Pref.) is preserving growing the tree introduced from Spain in 1,970's. However, it is said that it will just uncommonly bring it forth.

  Wakayama Fruit Experiment Station kept introducing the cultivar from California after 1985, it examine, and the pollination technology was established.As a result, the culture started on the fruit tree production ground in Wakayama in 1,987.

  In the culture area, the amounts of about 3ha and year of the harvest are about 30,000 amounts of the shipment which have not spread in the whole country yet."Wakayama Pref. cherimoya departmental meeting" is organized with about 30 young farmers and it grows it while piling up the research investigation. It wants to send the cherimoya of a delicious domestic production to the fruit love person in the whole country and energy is shown.

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