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Name:Shigeyoshi Yamashita
1,935 Age birth

Address:Tsukatsuki 1875,Momoyama, Wakayama 649-6112, Japan


(Brief history)
After it engaged in the work of the administration and the fruit tree research for 38 years as a Wakayama Pref. technological official (agriculture employment), it assumed office as Chief Scientist of the fruit experiment station.

Moreover, the chairman of a nationwide association of the head of Horticultural Research Station also successivelied. Agriculture doctor's degree is acquired in Kyoto University.

After it retires of the retirement age, it is a research corporation vegetables and fruits grading packing technology research union chief director in 1,993 as for Wakayama Pref..And,adviser of KYORITSU METAL INDUSTRIAL Co.,Ltd. As THE JAPN AGRICULCTURAL NEWS (Wakayama communication part) journalist etc. acting.Cherimoya farm "Wakayama Tropics" representative

It worked on the improvement of breed of the cherimoya, the first new kind in Japan was promoted, and it applied for the cultivar registration.

(Book and thesis)

Main book
Soil manegment and fertillizer technology of orchard(collaboration):1982. Hakuyusya,Tokyo Japan

Field and water (collaboration):1983. Field agricultures promotion association

Maturity and storing of fruits(collaboration):1985. Yokendo,Tokyo Japan

Facilities culture of fruit tree and environmental adjustment (collaboration):1991. Hakuyusya,Tokyo Japan

Agricultures technology development history of the Showa era ,volume 5 (collaboration):1997. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries technological information society

The earth environment and irrigation drain (collaboration):1997. Field agricultures promotion association. Another eight volumes.

Main thesis
Studies on the storage of Hassaku(Citrus hassaku Hort.)at low temperature (1966).J. japan. Soc. Hort. Sci. Vol.36 No.2

Factor Causing Mechanical Injuries of Satsuma Mandarin Friut in the Line Processes of Packinghouse and Preventive Measures. (1979) J. Japan. Soc. Hort. Sci. Vol.48 No.2 and No.3

Factore Causing Deterioration in the Quality of Satsuma Mandarins During Sorting and Packing Processes, with Some Suggestions to Improve the Processes (1981)Proc.Int.Citric?1981.Vol.2,No.2.

Study on the Spraying Agrichemicals by a Sprinkler System for Citrus Groves. (1990,1991):Trans. JSIDRE.No150 and 151

Study on the Spraying Agrichemicals by a Sprinkler System and Water Saving Irrigation for Citrus Groves(1991): Wakayama Pref. fruit experiment station Special Bulletin No.2

Fruit of enchantment "Cherimoya"(1995):Agric. and Hort. Vol.70,No11.

Another scores volumes

Hobby:No song (The KANZE school).Traveling abroad by which it calls at fruit country of origin in the world.

Boast of hometown:
Climate is mild, and "KINOKUNI" to boast of green and coast beauty
And, "Nationwide fruit production ground- Wakayama. "

MOMOYAMA-Chyo as delicious fruit and nationwide greening tree production ground

A word:
I want to send a delicious cherimoya to everybody of a favorite fruit widely. And, the companion wants to have it enter early as a fruit of Japan.

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