Welcome to the cherimoya greenhouse

 Welcome to the cherimoya greenhouse


  The cherimoya greenhouse Wakayama Tropics's is near Kishi -river  in Kino -iver branch(Japan)

  They are too cold for the cherimoya of the andes birth in the winter though are mild Wakayama the climate and are too hot in summer.

  Therefore, warms by the house Culture at night of the winter, the shading seat is put in hot summer, and defends from shooting on a strong day.

Cherimoya greenhouse of Wakayama Tropics

Cherimoya greenhouse of Wakayama Tropics

The etymology of the cherimoya is "Cold breast. sitasankaku.gif (910 ???)

The cherimoya often put with the Branch Pocke imagines the breast of an exactly healthy woman.

Cherimoya fruits which fell on bosom of branch
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hidarisankaku.gif (905 ???)The flower blooms one after another as fruits being developed.

The cherimoya is a companion of the sweetsop department and the sweetsop belonging.

The scientific name is called Annona Cherimola Mill, and Annona of the belonging name has the meaning "It is possible to harvest during year" in Latin.  I think that it might be coming what because the flower blooms one after another, and it can always harvest under a suitable climate for growing like the country of origin.

    The flower of a lovely cherimoya is like a waxwork.migisankaku.gif (915 ???)

When the flower begins to bloom, the flower visiting insect is invited as an elegant smell like the perfume being drifted . However, there is no effective insect which mediates pollen in Japan.

The flowering period of the cherimoya is July from May.

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hand pollination

hidarisankaku.gif (905 ???)So as not to overlook the blooming with short longevity at a night, the hand pollination is continued.


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