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Habitat of cherimoya and the companions

The cherimoya is a tropical fruit which was born in the highland of above sea level 1,500-1,900m in the andes mountain range. The hometown is Peru, Ecuador, and a Colombian southern part of South America.
Mountain mountain of Andes of habitat of cherimoya

hidarisankaku.gif (913 bit)Cherimoya straggling tree of country of origin andes (Ecuador) (2,000-3,000m hangs the altitude and the cloud always hangs to the mountain mountain).

 I visited the cherimoya of the primeval ground and walked formerly. It is the tropics right under the equator, it is cooler than the climate of Japan there in summer, and it is warmer in the winter. Morning and evening is to cover with the fog though the climate is April of Japan all the year round, has rainy season and dry season.

  It is always foggy because of the climate like April of Japan in the morning and evening though there are a rainy season and a dry season.

Large tree of cherimoya which lies scattered in (Rimac) banks of a river of country of origin Peru.sitasankaku.gif (910 bit)


Large tree of cherimoya
 The cherimoya is an Annona L. subtropics fruit tree of the Annonaceae widely distributed in the tropics and the subtropics. The scientific name is called Annona Cherimola Mill.It is said that the etymology came from   Chirmoyu=cold breas) of a local word of primeval ground Peru though cherimoya   is a British name. 
The 50th grade pupil tree of Ecuadorian TUMBACO experiment station

hidarisankaku.gif (910 ???)Cherimoya large tree of year of 50 of age of a tree planted in courtyard of TUMBACO fruits experiment station of Ecuador


It is said that trees was planted in commemoration of the establishment of this experiment station . It is carried from the orchard of the farmer in the vicinity.

The theme of the TUMBACO experiment station is a cultivar selection of cherimoya by help of a Swiss government and the research program is advanced.


hidarisankaku.gif (913 bit)Sweetsop (Annona Squamosa L.)



 Annona of the belonging name is called there is meaning "It is possible to harvest all the year round" in Latin and an origin from name of a place Anon of Central America Haiti. 

  Therefore, it seems that "Breast fruits which can always be harvested" came under a suitable climate for growing like the primeval ground. 

  If the heating cultivation is done in the winter, it has been proven for the flower to bloom one after another, and to be able always to harvest also in the cherimoya greenhouse of Wakayama Tropics also in Japan.

  The companion of the cherimoya has the sweetsop (The alias:sugar apple) grown in Central America, Egypt, India, and Southeast Asian nations. Besides, there is a Soursop (The alias:Dutch durian) grown in Southeast Asia and Venezuela, etc.

The fruit tree of the sweetsop belonging includes Bullocks heart, Ilama, Pond apple, and Rolinia, etc. besides this, and both are companions of the cherimoya.

In a hybrid kind which hybridizes the cherimoya with the sweetsop and promotes, there is Atemoya.

It is a compound word of alias Ates of the Sweetsop and the cherimoya.

Atemoya are stronger than cherimoyas in the heat in summer.The climate of Australia and Florida in an American southern part where the temperature is high is not suitable in the cherimoya culture. Therefore, Atemoya is grown. 


hidarisankaku.gif (913 bit)Hybrid cultivar of Cherimoya and Sweetsop “Atemoya"

The hometown Andes of the cherimoya was an Inca kingdom from prehistoric.   However, the cherimoya was imported to Spain from early time because Hispanic   invaded, the emperor was defeated, and it made it to the colony.

And, extends to Europe and the United States, is improved in each country, and a lot of cultivar are born now.

Companion "Soursop" of cherimoyasitasankaku.gif (910 bit)


Bullock's heart

hidarisankaku.gif (913 bit)The Bullock's heart is one of companions


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