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In the cherimoya laboratory, the ecology of the cherimoya, the growth and development, and the maturity characteristic etc. of fruits are researched. And, it aims at the establishment of the culture technology and the postharvests technology to harvest more splendid fruits. Moreover, the improvement selection of an excellent cultivar suitable for the greenhouse culture in the climate of our country is done.

  The culture is continued while doing the investigation research to investigate the best environment for the mode of life, the growing characteristic, and the culture.

The investigation research to clarify ecology, a habit of the cherimoya, and the best growth and development environment is continued.

Silver white color sprout

     It is a made Female stage (This time is a proper time of pollination) in the day before the blooming to open half and to come as for the petal.  sitasankaku.gif (910 ???)

uesankaku.gif (904 ???)To the growth and development that a silver white color sprout expands by several centimeters a day in a suitable climate.



Female stage


Stage of flowering The best pollination time was investigated. 

a:The third flower former (The petal is hard). 

b:The flowering two days ago (Break when the petal is forcibly opened)

c: loosens in the early morning from the day before of flowering to that day of flowering flower bud ahead. This time is a proper time of pollination. (This time is called ♀ stage)

d:At about 4p.m. in that day of floweringIt is not fertilized any longer even if pollinating though puts out pollen (♂ stage). 


Detailed chart of cherimoya flower

Detailed chart of cherimoya flower

The pistil which exceeds 100 gathers, and a lot of stamens have surrounded it. 


Female pistil defended by thick petal

The female pistil is defended from dryness by a thick petal  (Female stage)

Relative humidity when cherimoya is pollinated and relation of rate of fruit set (%)

Humidity (RH%) 30.0 60.0 90.0
Rate of fruit set (%) 35.0 55.5 83.3

(cultivar:EL Bumpo )

A lot of anther (pollen bag) have surrounded the female pistil at the center. sitasankaku.gif (910 ???)

It flowers all togetherin the evening when the temperature cools . (Male stage)sitasankaku.gif (910 ???)

The expansion display is done by the click. Male stage
The expansion display is done by the click.  


A male pistil will discharge pollen by the evening, and finish a short Male stage. sitasankaku.gif (910 ???)

The mist processing was experimented to make it to humidity in the greenhouse as it was cool, and it was proven to be effective by pollination.



Flower in male stage where pollen is discharged
Growth curve of fruits The temperature rises 50 days after pollination, and the growth of fruits stagnates. 








The development of an excellent cultivar suitable for the greenhouse culture is continued.

"SUIHO" (right) and Control cultivar"White"

"SUIHO" (right) and contrast cultivar "White"By now, it has succeeded in the promotion of the new cultivar of the our country first in this laboratory. As for it, fruits are large and there is a lot of sweetness. It is cultivar which also faint acidity, and is indeed delicious. It is named (SUIHO) by promotion number Y-101, and is applying for the registration of variety to Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

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