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An episode cherimoya's


Aborigine in Inca who sells cherimoya in street corner of andes
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Aborigine in Inca who sells cherimoyaThe cherimoya which was born in the foot of a mountain of andes is a fruit with which it is grown in Peru when prehistoric, it is loved especially by Inca's inhabitant, and it is familiar.

The sweetness which melts to tongue with soft milk color flesh, elegant smell, and faint acidity.
The tongue sitting dividing like the custard is an ice cream as it is if it cools it.

  It is called the tree of the ice cream in Andalusia of Large production ground of the cherimoya, and calls kutardapples in the United States and Australia.

  Novelist's mahkutouein spoke very highly of the cherimoya with the delicious dish. moreover, the marukom lord in Britain which traveled once upon a time around the world praised the cherimoya of the pineapple in the mangosteen in the east Indian islands and the West Indies and andes as the masterpiece of nature, and said that three large delicious fruit of the world.

  Only it is said that the cherimoya is a fruit of popularity now and being valued highly is not delicious.

  The reason is that it is a fruit to which the function was indeed abundant the abundant content of nourishment such as effective naicin in the mind and body syndrome, the mineral, and the vitamins in calcium, a botanical protein, and it to say nothing of sweetness in a soft flesh like the custard.

Nutrient composition of cherimoya fruits

  The reason why the cherimoya is that it is an exactly splendid dessert busy daily life and the nerve are printed for us where the anxiety and the stress collect easily in the decreased obligation.

It is exactly a taste of the ice cream if cooling and eating. migisankaku.gif (907 ???) It is exactly a taste of the ice cream if cooling and eating.
Cherimoya is "cold breast"meaning at locale word of Peru.
  I wonder whether Inca's inhabitant came from having made the cherimoya that a sweet, nourishing digestion is good for the baby for whom mother's milk is insufficient breathed in to the mother's milk taking the place in old times.


It is cherimoya of the mother's milk taking the place for the baby.

  At any rate, externals where fruits of the cherimoya often put have fallen on branch Pocket are enough to make the heart of an exactly healthy woman imagined.

In the cherimoya, they will catch a glimpse by the humour of the naming person who named a cold breast, get, and be pleasant.


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