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  The cherimoya which was born in the andes was expanded to Central and South America, North America, and each country of Europe by the a mariner in Spain etc.. and, it was improved in each country and various cultivar were born.

As for the La Mayora experiment station which exists in Andalusia in cherimoya producing center Spain in the eminent world, the one collected from each country by the purpose of the cultivar selection counts 250 cultivar.

The surface of fruits is and there are the one in which the one of the pattern of the scale and the nipple projects and the smooth one . There are shape and the one in the middle like the one etc. of a heart type and round shape, too . The size is also various.

redball1.gif (1052 バイト)There are five types of cultivar.sitasankaku.gif (910 バイト)

bullet02.gif (1556 バイト)Smoosth types
  Externals of fruits look like the Bullock's heart, and are called Laevis types.  Booth, Lisa, and Smoothy, etc. belong to this type.



White bullet02.gif (1556 バイト)Fingerprint types
A pattern the scale held by the tip of a finger on the surface of fruits queues up regularly, and a green peel becomes green yellow when becoming the mature stage.

  The surface of fruits of cherimoyas is comparatively smooth, and it is called Impressa. Sweetness and the fragrance are strong, and there are a lot of excellent kinds. White, Honeyhart promoted in California, and main cultivar Fino De Jete in Spain are these types.It is a fruit shape of a heart type which a lot, and is typical an excellent cultivar. 



  There is a small projection in one scale pattern, and the color of the peel is thick green. It is assumed that seeds are more than other types, and the acidity is strong.

  Pina, Pinchud, and Amargoso of Spain.Bigsister of California . Besides this, there are Balwin etc. of Australia.


bullet02.gif (1556 バイト)Umbonate types      




bullet02.gif (1556 バイト)Tuberculate types


The upheaval comes slightly by being though the knar projects small in fruit shape at young fruit as it approaches the mature stage.

  It is a fault to damage the projection of the knar on the surface of fruits easily while transporting it.

It is assumed that there is resistance in the stock spoiled disease by (brown rot bacterium).

El.Bumpo of the precocious cultivar promoted in California belongs to this.


  The upheaval remains only in the base of fruits, and other parts smooth comparatively when becoming the mature stage though the nipple projects in a young surface of fruits.

  There might be transportation because the peel is thick.
In the pericarp, there are some acidity, and the taste is good.

Mantecosa, Improved Campa of Spain, and Sabor of California are typical cultivar.

bullet02.gif (1556 バイト)Mammilate types



redball1.gif (1052 バイト)Cultivar in Wakayama Tropics

New promotion cultivar “SUIHO"










hidarisankaku.gif (913 バイト)The bringing forth situation of the promotion new cultivar "SUIHO" in this garden . It is cultivar while the registration of variety is applied for to Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. 

Fruits are the Fingerprint types, and the fruit shape is the heart types. The bloom is faintly caused in the color of the pericarp in yellow light green-green by which blue is worn a little. The tree vigor is a mean, and the waving extent of the leaf is large. The petal is a length size and it is a characteristic that the flower is large. The effect of pollination is steady, and it is a trait that the bearing rate is high. Fruits are larger than White and brix is higher . Moreover, the acid taste is faintly excellent. 

buleball.gif (1052 バイト)WhiteVariety which Wakayama Pref. fruit experiment station introduced from California in 1987 by Fingerprint types found in California Fruits are large, and it often becomes complete by the heart type and it is high-quality and the brix is 25% or more in shape . It is an extremely delicious cultivar. However, fruits become weakly to the heat in the mature stage and when the temperature is high, it becomes fruits of about 400g because it matures without enlarging enough. The fertillizer should be kept from until the tree vigor's vigorously starting bringing forth enters the result period in a little slow, fertile soil.  The leaf is big in a little lustrous green, and the shoot becomes the ash white when stiffening.

buleball.gif (1052 バイト)El BumpoIt is a variety of the Tuberculate types, the nipple projects in fruits, and externals contain a lot of rural airs extremely. The size of fruits is middle-large. It becomes green yellow when maturing. After the ripening, it is easy to damage because the peel is soft though the flesh is soft, the eating quality is excellent. The tree vigor might be not so strong if entering the result period though the growth of a young tree is vigorous.

buleball.gif (1052 バイト)Space hartWhen the tree vigor settles down though it is large type variety of the Umbonate types, the projection of fruits is lost, and it becomes a Fingerprint types.  When fruits are mature to the big one average 600g fruits by the long conic type exceeding 1kg, the peel becomes green yellow. There is a banana flavor though sweetness is not so strong.   Five months or more are necessary though fruits are mature. The brix does not go up enough when the temperature lowers.  Fruits are large and the amount of the harvest is large . However, the tree vigor is often damaged by an excessive bearing.Fruits might be comparatively strong in the heat in summer.

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